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Take time and smell the rosesRoses have been around for millions of years which just prove that roses are not difficult to grow. The Rose is also our National Floral Emblem and the state flower of several states.

With all the running around we do during the holidays, there are times when we think is it all worth it.  The key to stay calm during the holidays is to spend some time with the things that we love to do best.  We love roses and we should not stop having them in the house just because the garden is closed for the season.  Even the simplest meal can be transformed into something quite magical with the addition of a few beautiful roses to the table.

Nowadays, commercial growers are more aware that the public wants perfumed flowers and are breeding more scented roses.  Florist roses are usually sold in bud and take a few days to open into full bloom and get the strongest perfume so buy them a few days before you need them.  Floral designs for the tables should be kep short so diners can see each other and may need the support of some greenery for a simple arrangement.  For a lovely welcome, tuck a rose in a napkin ring.  Try to coordinate the color of the flowers with the food and table linen for a look that’s both attractive and sensational.  Another simple idea is a rectangular basket big enough to accommodate four little pots of miniature roses.  Add some variegated trailing ivy around them.  The key is to keep it simple.

Now, here is something the Ancient Romans did.  They added some fragrant rose petals to the wine for a delightful way of serving wine.  It also delays the intoxication of its drinkers!  And they didn’t even have a car to drive.  Did they get a breath analyzer test to drive a chariot, or did they have a designated charioteer?

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