Monday, November 7, 2011


Welcome to the World of Rose Gardening or Rose Gardening World.  Take time and smell the roses.  Roses have been around for millions of years which just prove that roses are not difficult to grow. The Rose is also our National Floral Emblem and the state flower of several states.  Here at Rose Gardening World, you’ll find rose articles that will educate you about roses – its history, rose culture, rose profiles and even rose verses all in one place.  So visit Rose Gardening World often. 

Wintertime is a good time to expand our hobby by exploring other aspects of the roses like learning how to do potpourri and sachets.  Basically, a sachet is just potpourri in a bag.  Here your imagination can run wild.  Pick a nice flowered fabric or even a wide piece of ribbon, fold them in half and sew both sides then fill up with potpourri, tie a nice ribbon and now you have a sachet.   Here is a basic recipe for a potpourri:
1 oz. each of powdered orris root, powdered cinnamon, powdered allspice, and powdered cloves
2 oz lavender flowers
2 oz whole cloves
1 oz cinnamon sticks
5 drops lavender essential oil
20 drops rose essential oil
3 oz rose petals
4 oz rosebuds

Mix the first two ingredients in a large bowl.  Add the whole cloves and cinnamon sticks and stir.  Using an eyedropper, scatter the lavender and rose oils over the mixture.  Stir again.  Carefully add the dried rose petals and buds, stirring gently to avoid crushing them.  Place the mixture in a brown paper bag that is lined with wax paper, and store in a dry, cool place to cure for about 2 weeks.  After it’s cured, the potpourri is ready to be placed in a decorative container.  Add extra rose heads if desired.
Yield: 1 pound of potpourri

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