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Here is a Rose Glossary to help you understand some rose terms and enjoy your rose gardening hobby to the fullest.

ARS – American Rose Society
Anther – the part of the flower which produces pollen.It is the upper section of the stem.
Axil – The angle between the upper surface of the leaf stalk and the stem that carries it.
Balling – the clinging together of petals in wet weather so that the bloom fails to open and turns brown.
Bare-root – a rose dug up at the nursery and sold with no soil around the roots.
Basal shoot – a new shoot that emerges from the neck or crown (bud union).
Blind shoot – a mature stem which fails to produce a flower.
Bloom – stem having one-bloom-per-stem with no side buds.
Bract – a modified or reduced leaf that occurs beneath and next to a peduncle.
Bud eye – A dormant bud on the axil of a leaf.
Bud stage – Rose should be less than 50% open.Sepals must be down.
Bud Union – the swollen part of the stem where the scion of a grafted rose meets the rootstock.
Calyx - the green…