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Welcome to the World of Rose Gardening or Rose Gardening World.  Here at Rose Gardening World, you’ll find rose articles that will educate you about RosesRose History, Rose Culture, Rose Growing, Rose Profiles, Rose Gardening Tips, Rose Gardens and even Rose Verses all in one place.  So visit Rose Gardening World often. 

Take time and smell the rosesRoses have been around for millions of years which just prove that roses are not difficult to grow. The Rose is also our National Floral Emblem and the state flower of several states. 

Due to the dire state of the economy, people are cutting back on their spending and on buying roses.  The nursery business with a very small margin of profit is suffering from lack of business and some nurseries have closed operation. 

For lovers of roses, please don’t make this happen.  Support your nurseries.  Grow those beautiful roses.  There are other varieties out there besides Knock Out Roses.  Old Garden Roses and David Austin Roses are the most fragrant roses and some hybrid teas are disease resistant.  Visit Rose Gardening World often and find out how to grow roses and check all types of roses.

Vintage Gardens is the latest nurseries planning on a long goodbye.  Gregg Lowery from Vintage Gardens recently sent this announcement to their customers.  

“Times are tough for everyone today, and we know we are not the only ones with budget woes.  Like everyone else, we have had to face whether we should continue in the fact of substantial losses of sales.

Our basic operational costs are no longer being met and our beloved rose garden has suffered the worse of it.  As you know we were unable to open my garden in May for lack of the manpower and resources to make it presentable.  We were faced this summer with many roses that could not be propagated because of the condition of plants in the garden.

Friends of Vintage Roses are working with me to focus on preserving my collection of roses, but at the present time we do not know if the garden itself can survive.  At the same time we must decide the fate of Vintage Gardens.  After long and difficult consideration, Gita and I have determined that we must set a date to finish the work of Vintage Gardens.  In order to fill our obligations to our customers we have set that closing date for the Summer of 2013.

Vintage Gardens nursery will be around awhile longer yet…but only to say a long goodbye.  We hope you will join us in celebrating the beauty and history of the roses we grow during these last 20 months that Vintage will continue.  We look at this as a deserved retirement, and we will miss all of you when it is over.” 

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