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Hybridizer - Meilland

Cherry Parfait is a beautiful red and white, bi-colored grandiflora hybridized by Meilland International in 2001 and introduced by Conard-Pyle.   Cherry Parfait blooms with the white petals edged in red stand out both in the garden and in the vase.  The blooms are pointed, medium size, about 4 inches in diameter with a petal count of 35-40 with a slight fragrance.  As her large, perfectly formed, exhibition-style blooms open up, a phenomenon called phototropism changes the white pigments in the petals to pink and red along the edges.  This happens as the petals are exposed to the ultraviolet rays of the sun.  This phenomenon can be quite stunning.  After the blooms open up, they slowly change to all pink as they age.  Soon, they are replaced by numerous other bi-colored blooms 

Cherry Parfait is a low-growing rose with a rounded growth habit.  It's vigorous and can grow up to five feet tall and 4 feet wide.  Its dark green glossy foliage with long, straight stems is highly disease-resistant.    She thrives in high temperatures during the long, summer months but needs winter protection to protect her from the high winter winds.   This attractive bi-color rose is very attractive throughout the season and very floriferous.  Due to its stunning coloration accentuated by dark foliage, Cherry Parfait is an excellent choice for mass planting.  Plant it in your front yard for people to see its eye-catching color.  Cherry Parfait makes a great companion plant for perennials and is also an excellent container plant.  

Cherry Parfait is the 2003 Grandiflora winner of the All-American Rose Selections (AARS) award.  Cherry Parfait with its showy bi-colored petals is always a treat for the eyes.  Inspite of its slight fragrance, sometimes none at all, I still recommend you try Cherry Parfait.  You won't be disappointed.

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