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Take time and smell the rosesRoses have been around for millions of years which just prove that roses are not difficult to grow. The Rose is also our National Floral Emblem and the state flower of several states.


Back in 1843, London businessman Henry Cole decided that he did not have enough time to write personal messages to friends and relatives so he asked his friend, artist John /Calcott Horsley, a member of the Royal Academy to design a card that he could put in an envelope and mail.  That idea resulted in a new holiday tradition.   Horsley dsigned a three –panel, pastel-tinted design featuring a happy Victorian family toasting the season.  On the side of the panel are two Christmas traditions – clothing the needy and feeding the hungry.
In 1840 with the passage of the Penny Postage /Act which allowed anyone in England to send mail for a penny, sending Christmas card became in vogue in England.  America caught up with the new craze when Louis Prang perfected his lithographic process of multicolor printing in the 1870s.  Prang sponsored art contests to get original designs for his cards.  Today billions of cards are sent around the world with all kinds of designs. 



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