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Take time and smell the rosesRoses have been around for millions of years which just prove that roses are not difficult to grow. The Rose is also our National Floral Emblem and the state flower of several states.  

Constance Spry, introduced in 1961, is one of the first English Roses hybridized by David Austin and its success contributed to the founding of the English Roses.  David Austin Roses is a flower arranger’s dream.  They can be used to make wonderful floral arrangements either on their own or with other plant materials.  With its voluptuous blossoms and dainty habit, you can duplicate the beauty and charm of an Old Dutch floral painting.  

Constance Spry can grow to a height of 6-12 ft. with a width of 6-8 ft. or 10 to 18 ft. as a climber.  Bloom size is 3” with a petal count of 80+.  It has a lovely pink color and very fragrant.  The only drawback is it only flowers once in the spring and blooms profusely.

Constance Spry, the mother of modern floral design would have loved to use David Austin Roses for her floral arrangements.  After World War 1, she changed the formal, rigid compositon of floral design with unconventional pastoral compositions; flowers arranged asymmetrically with assorted shapes of foliage in various types of containers. She used all kinds of wildflowers, grasses, pods or practically anything the Victorian ladies shunned. Her style was full of drama and a refreshing reprieve from the more staid, stiff floral design of her contemporaries.

Not a lot of nurseries carry Constance Spry but you can this lovely pink rose from Heirloom Roses and Rose Unlimited. 

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