Thursday, May 17, 2012


Would you like to see some beautiful roses?  The growing season is now in full force and more and more rose societies are holding their rose shows to educate the public on what roses are best grown in their particular areas.  There are rose shows held across the United States that you might want to see on weekends.  They are free events so why not take advantage of it and enjoy yourself.  Members of the local rose societies will be on hand to answer rose-related questions.  You might even see some gorgeous rose arrangements.  You’ll have a chance to meet knowledgeable rosarians and talk to them.  They are a nice and friendly group of people and it might behoove you to join a local rose society and the American Rose Society so you can take advantage of all the benefits.  

May 19 – Tulsa Rose Society Rose Show, Tulsa Garden Center.  For info – Don Johnson, 918-227-1954, 918-200-5528,

May 19-20 – Fayetteville, GA – South Metro Rose Society Rose Show, Church of Christ, 870 Redwine Road.  For info – Cindy Dale, 770-631-3885,

May 26 – Moorestown, NJ – West Jersey Rose Society Annual Rose Show, Moorestown Mall, Macy’s Court.  For info – Brenna Bosch, 609-284-2604,

May 26 - Huntsville, AL - Huntsville Twickenham Rose Society Annual Rose Show, Parkway Place Mall.  For info - Jill Chappell, 256-880-3773,

May 26-27 – Richmond, VA – Richmond Rose Society Rose Show, Lewis Ginter Botanical Garden.  For info – Carol Fox, 804-360-3686,

May 27 – Baltimore, MD – Maryland Rose Show 2012, Cylburn Arboretum.  For info – David M. Walsh, 410-347-1070,

May 28 – Pensacola, FL – Pensacola Rose Society Rose Show, The Garden Center, 1850 N. 9th Ave.  For info – Teresa Seiler, 850-476-2366,

Roses are easy plants to grow contrary to popular belief. Why do you think Roses have been around for millions of years?  All they need are food, water and sunlight.  Just like you and me.  

Here at Rose Gardening World, we’ll educate you about the Rose - our National Floral Emblem and the state flower of several states.  Welcome to the World of Rose Gardening or Rose Gardening World where Rose Gardening Tips, Rose Growing Advice, Planting a Rose Garden, Rose Descriptions, Where to Buy Roses, Where to see Rose Gardens, Rose Culture, Rose History, Rose Events, Rose Verses are all here in one place.  

We are constantly updating our contents so visit Rose Gardening World often.  We want to help you grow Beautiful Roses and we welcome comments.  Take time and smell the roses.  Happy Rose Gardening!

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