Friday, February 3, 2012

Dr. David Zlesak - Another Disease-Resistant Rose Hybridizer

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Dr. David Zlesak has joined the rank of hybridizers for disease-resistant roses.  Dr. Zlesak is an Assistant Extension Professor in Horticulture with the University of Minnesota and has earned his graduate degrees in Plant Breeding and Genetics.  From the start, roses played a part in his passion for horticulture.  He has been breeding hardy landscape roses as a hobby for almost 25 years. Dr. Zlesak is an active member of the Rose Hybridizers Association, an American Rose Society member, a Twin Cities Rose Club member and an ARS Consulting Rosarian.  He has conducted research on rose viruses, hybridizing and genetics. Dr. Zlesak has helped to establish the Northern branch of the EarthKind Rose Trials. His passion for roses is contagious and he especially hopes that through EarthKind and similarly-focused research, lower maintenance roses can be identified and promoted for all gardeners.

His roses have won certificates in the American Rose Society's American Rose Center trials and his registered roses include 'Honeybee' (fragrant apricot colored miniflora), 'Hannah Ruby' (red blend miniature), and 'Catherine Guelda' (mauve shrub).  He has hybridized some Oso Happy™ disease resistance roses.  Oso Happy Petit Pink won an Award of Excellence (AOE) for 2011, an award for mini and miniflora roses from ARS that have undergone two years of evaluation at the 23 trial gardens across the United States.  His other Oso Happy roses - Oso Happy Candy Oh! (candy apple red polyantha) and Oso Happy™ Smoothie (hot pink thornless polyantha) are now available at Edmunds’ Roses. 

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