Friday, January 27, 2012

Baron Girod de l'Ain

Baron Girod de l’Ain
Reverchon, 1897

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Baron Girod de l’Ain is an unusual rose and is a sport of ‘Eugene Furst’ and belongs to the Hybrid Perpetual class.  The blooms are large, bright crimson, sweetly scented, double flowers, and complemented with leathery dark green leaves and reasonably healthy.  Baron Girod de l’Ain has a very decorative flower with petal irregularly scalloped and rimmed with white on its cupped flower.  It is quite beautiful.  It opens cupped, with a ragged looking petal edges and as it matures, the outer petal curves outside while the inner petal stays cupped.  This vigorous bush has an upright habit, sometimes with arching canes with plenty of stout thorns and the flowers repeat throughout the season.  It deserves a place in your garden for its novelty.  Plant it in the perennial bed next to silver foliage plants and purple flowers to accentuate its exotic and unique qualities.

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