Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Rose Gardening Tips - Rose Summer Insects

With the summer months come the inevitable unwanted visitors to your garden. They come in droves and devour the leaves, buds, blooms and even the canes of your roses. Here below are some of these creatures which slipped into the Ark when Noah was gathering his flock:

Beetles - they can chew your rose plants away because they attacked leaves, stems and blooms plus their larvae feed on the roots. You have to be vigilant because they attack the garden at night. Spray both plant and soil with malathion, sevin or any good insecticide. Some rosarians pick them by hand and squeeze the life out of them. If you are squeamish and find that too drastic, spread some plastic material on the ground, shake the plant and dump the buggers into the trash bin.

Cane Borer - Holes in pruned canes are caused by this fellow. Apply Elmer's Glue after you prune your roses.

Leaf Cutting Bee - This one must be in cahoots with the cane borer because he uses the round cutting to build egg partitions in the hollowed cane.

Rose Midge - these red flies lay their eggs on new growth and the larvae feed on leaves and buds. The bud becomes deformed and black. Full grown larvae fall to the ground, become flies and the cycle starts all over again. Spray once a week with a good insecticide or prune the entire affected cane.

Spider Mite - Microscopic red spiderlike insects that appear underneath the leaves. Insecticidal soap, a high pressure water hose or in severe case a miticide spray weekly for several weeks. For ecology minded, prune the affected leaves and buds and discard. New healthy growth will emerge.

Thrips - These orange or brown yellow insects are attracted to yellow or light colored roses and can damage the petals resulting in brown edges or even prevent the petals from opening. A good spray program in spring is well recommended. 

Roses are easy plants to grow contrary to popular belief. Why do you think Roses have been around for millions of years?  All they need are food, water and sunlight.  Just like you and me. 

Here at Rose Gardening World, we’ll educate you about the Rose - our National Floral Emblem and the state flower of several states.  Welcome to the World of Rose Gardening or Rose Gardening World where Rose Gardening Tips, Rose Growing Advice, Planting a Rose Garden, Rose Descriptions, Where to Buy Roses, Where to see Rose Gardens, Rose Culture, Rose History, Rose Events, Rose Verses are all here in one place.  

We are constantly updating our contents so visit Rose Gardening World often.  We want to help you grow Beautiful Roses and we welcome comments.  Take time and smell the roses.  Happy Rose Gardening!

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