Sunday, April 8, 2012


Spring is here and with the warm weather comes the spring flowers painting the landscape with glorious colors.  Insects and diseases also come marching in the garden.  Birds start chirping again in the backyards and then our gardening tasks begin in full force. 

After you have done with your spring pruning, start your spray program.  It is better to prevent insects and diseases with preventive measures.  Start now with lime sulfur dormant spray on surface of beds and on pruned bushes.  Follow with Bayer Advanced Complete Insect Killer every three weeks.  Then follow that with Messenger which some stores still carry.  Our area is blackspot country so we have to control it.  I find Messenger is great to control blackspot.  Unhappily, they are out of business but there are still some leftover0s at some stores. If you have not used Messenger before, I urge you to try it.  You’ll see a big difference in your roses and all plants for that matter. 

If you are not averse to chemical spraying, you can use Banner Max with Compass or Manzate.  You can buy them at  Make sure you read the label and follow instructions and use protective gear.  Keep a wall calendar on the shelf with the chemicals so you can keep track of when and what spray you use.  Only use insecticide when you see the insects.  Aphids can be controlled by powerful spray of water.  Another alternative is the use of ladybugs to patrol your garden.  For Japanese beetles, I control them by killing the grubs on my lawn.  I use beneficial nematodes from  It comes in a sponge with 10 millions of them.  I never count them.  You soak them in water and spray on the lawn, once in spring and then again in the Fall. 

Roses are easy plants to grow contrary to popular belief. Why do you think Roses have been around for millions of years?  All they need are food, water and sunlight.  Just like you and me. 

Here at Rose Gardening World, we’ll educate you about the Rose - our National Floral Emblem and the state flower of several states.  Welcome to the World of Rose Gardening or Rose Gardening World where Rose Gardening Tips, Rose Growing Advice, Planting a Rose Garden, Rose Descriptions, Where to Buy Roses, Where to see Rose Gardens, Rose Culture, Rose History, Rose Events, Rose Verses are all here in one place. So, plant a rose today! 

We are constantly updating our contents so visit Rose Gardening World often.  We want to help you grow Beautiful Roses and we welcome comments.  Take time and smell the roses.  Happy Rose Gardening!

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