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Photo by Stan Griep from ARS website
Registered Name – TANellis
Syns. Duftwolke, Nuage Parfume
Tantau, Germany, 1967
Seedling x ‘Prima Ballerina’

Fragrant Cloud rose has extremely fragrant blooms and constantly winning at rose shows across the country for its fragrance.  The flowers are an unusual coral-red maturing to geranium red with 30 petals and exhibition-style blooms.  The high-centered blooms are borne mostly singly, averaging 5” in diameter on a vigorous upright plant of 3-5 ft in height and 2 ft in width.  The large foliage is a rich, glossy dark green on a vigorous bush that is very prolific.  I had Fragrant Cloud rose in my first garden in the early ‘70s and then again it was one of the first roses that were planted when we bought our next home in the ‘80s.  After 30 years, it was still there when we left. 

Fragrant Cloud rose is an excellent rose for bedding and for borders and cut flower.  It is very susceptible to mildew in autumn and black spot during damp weather.  Inspite of those problems, it still remains as one of the most popular roses in the market because of its intense fragrance.  There is a climbing Fragrant Cloud propagated by Collin & Sons in England in 1973.  It also has that unique coral-red bloom on the long canes, covered with dark, reddish green foliage.  The climbing version can reach a height of 12 ft.  Fragrant Cloud climbing rose can produce very fragrant blooms during the summer only. 

Fragrant Cloud rose has won the National Rose Society President’s International Trophy in 1964, Portland Gold Medal in 1966, American Rose Society James Alexander Gamble for Fragrance Award in 1970 and World Favorite Rose in 1981 and still winning awards today for fragrance.

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